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By the power granted by the Government of the USSR, the Agency for Innovations has executed this Certificate of Authorship for "Haemohypocarbia Therapy Method"

Author (authors): Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko
Patent Holder: same
Application N 762071
Priority of invention of January 29, 1962
Registered in the USSR Government Register of Inventions on September 15, 1983

This invention relates to methods of therapy for low carbon dioxide level in bronchial asthma. What is known today are medication methods [1] of bronchial asthma therapy with the average therapy course of 15 days or more. These methods are time consuming and, above all, mytoxically dangerous. The purpose of this invention is to reduce the length of therapy. In the claimed haemohypocarbia therapy method this is achieved via decreasing the volumes of lung ventilation, monitoring the carbon dioxide level in the exhaled air and maintaining its increase rate at 3-7 mm hg per day in order to reach the value of 45-55 mm hg.
The method works as follows.
The level of carbon dioxide in the exhaled air is measured, and if it is below physiologically normal (45-55 mm hg), breathing is reduced to provide its increase rate of 3-7 mm hg a day.
A specific example.
Serezha G., 9 years old, has the initial pCO2 equal to 22.4 mm hg. Within the 10-minute-s time, breath reduction cuts short a bronchial asthma kink. While the carbon dioxide level increase rate is maintained at 3-7 mm hg, the carbon dioxide level in the exhaled air reaches 45.6 mm hg within four days. The breathing depth reduces by 270 ml, minute ventilation of the lungs v by 15.7l, and kinks basically stop.
Beside that, this invention may be used for therapy for other haemohypocarbine ailments. The length of the conventional and the claimed method treatment and the recovery rate for both are given in the following table.

(most frequent)
Number of Patients
Length of therapy
Recovery Rate
Conventional Claimed Conventional Claimed
High Blood Pressure 25 More than 1 year 2-8 weeks zero 21
Stenocardia 15 More than 1 year 2-8 weeks zero 12
Bronchial Asthma 128 More than 1 year 2-8 weeks zero 105
Total 168 138

This invention provides a 3-5-fold contraction of the bronchial asthma therapy length, drug-free treatment and consecutive absence of medication side-effects, the long-term remission and return of patients to their normal lifestyle.

A method of haemohypocarbia therapy wherein the volumes of lung ventilation are reduced, carbon dioxide level in the exhaled air is monitored, and its increase rate is maintained at 3-7 mm hg a day to reach 45-55 mm hg with the purpose of contraction of therapy length for, e.g. bronchial asthma.

Sources of information considered at expertise
1. M.L. Moshkovsky Pharmaca. Moscow., "Meditsina", -1957, pp.35,130, 143.

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