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Vladimir Konstantinovich Buteyko and Marina Mihaylovna Buteyko will not be liable for validity of information in other Internet sites, concerning K. P. Buteyko and his method, as well as for quality of the education Method Buteyko and specialists preparation in other centers.
On September 10 2012
Attention all!
On September 10, 2012 World Week of propaganda breathing through the nose starts.
To make you aware that mouth breathing significantly contributes to asthma, exercise induced asthma, snoring, sleep apnoea, ADD, Poor sports performance. Also, did you know that mouth breathing causes unattractive faces in children such as long narrow faces, sunken cheek bones, crooked noses and crooked teeth?
And most importantly, mouth breathing affects the quality of human thinking. See

On April 10 2008
The list of scientific publications is updated. The free access to several more publications is provided. Some Instructions which were published by Novosibirsk Buteyko center are added. We advise to pay attention on N. 63 (1988 y.), in connection with a someone attempts to attribute to other person the authorship of the method of the cancelling of hormonal drugs.

The image of a copy of the instruction belonging M.M.Buteyko is presented. It contains the her marks made during training by K.P.Buteyko in Novosibirsk (1988-1989).

December 2005
It became possible at last to create anew from scattered elements a scientific substantiation of Buteyko therapy in the form of the theory about human health, from which follow all key moments of the therapy. We hope that this will put an end to numerous speculations based on:
- Alleged "affinity" of some persons to K.P.Buteyko.
- Statements of the type "I heard that K.P.Buteyko has said : ".
- Possession of certain "exclusive" rights, "patents", etc.
- Other subjective nonprofessional instants.
We hope that such approach:
- Will allow exposing the authors of the numerous unscientific respiratory techniques who have stolen the name of Doctor Buteyko.
- Will allow passing to professional scientific discussion of Buteyko therapy and correction of the distortions and errors brought into it.
- Will draw to this therapy new experts aspiring to professionalism, objectivity and quality.
See the book
V.K. Buteyko, M.M. Buteyko The Buteyko theory about a key role of breathing for human health: scientific introduction to the Buteyko therapy for experts. - Rus. / Eng. Download

On December 10 2005
A new FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page has been added to this website

On June 16 2005
V. Buteyko and M. Buteyko have been invited with the half-hour report about the Buteyko method in the Moscow Respiratory club. Doctors-lung specialists, allergists, therapists, scientific gather in this club. There was more than hundred persons. Discussion has taken place without antagonism. Approximately a quarter of persons have shown interest to a theme of the report.

On May 10 2005
New popular article is published: Buteyko M.M., Buteyko V.K.: "The First-Hand Buteyko Method" // Asthma And Allergy, N 1, Moscow, Publishing house "Atmosphere", 2005, p. 24-25. Russian version | English version

On January 28 2004
Search is working now at the site.

On January 2 2004
Some works of K. P. Buteyko are available now for downloading.
Format - MSWord.

On December 20 2003
Forum has begun to work at our site.

On May 2 2003


Our teacher Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko passed away. Per his request, he was buried in the village of Beregovoye, not far from Feodosiya (Crimea, Ukraine).

On June 25 2002 British Hause of Commons debate about the Buteyko Method.
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