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Vladimir Konstantinovich Buteyko and Marina Mihaylovna Buteyko will not be liable for validity of information in other Internet sites, concerning K. P. Buteyko and his method, as well as for quality of the education Method Buteyko and specialists preparation in other centers.
This page contains answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions.

Question: My diagnosis is such and such. Can the Buteyko Method help?
Answer: See the list of the malaises overcome by means of a Buteyko Method. Your specific diagnosis will be taken into consideration only if you are going to visit us. In this case, please send us an electronic (or regular mail) message with a brief case report, current diagnosis, and a list of drugs taken in.

Question: Where can I study the Buteyko Method for autotherapy?
Answer: We strongly recommend using only the article: "The First-Hand Buteyko Method". See the "Popular Publications" page of this website. If this does not help, please do not begin experimenting, just turn to an expert.

Question: I've been studying the Buteyko Method for some months (years). How can you help me?
Answer: If you haven't learned the Buteyko Method within ten days for a selftreatment, you either entirely misunderstand the Method or are studying not the Buteyko method. If you study the Method with a practitioner, turn to a more qualified one.

Question: I studied (started studying) the Buteyko Method with a practitioner not from your Center. I have such and such question about my health (or health of a member of the family). Can you answer it?
Answer: We do not normally answer such questions since qualified practitioners stick to the obvious rule of never advising patients who studied under another practitioner. Due to the specifics of how the human mind acts, similar information from different people can actually mess the patient up. On the other hand, such advice takes responsibility off the initial practitioner and does not motivate him to increase of own qualification, thus doing him more harm than good. Besides, it is fraught with other ethical and psychological problems. As a result, the only possibility is re-starting "from scratch".

Question: Does Voronezh Center have branches in other towns (countries, regions)?
Answer: Voronezh Center does not have any branches in other towns (countries, regions) at the moment. In addition, see the answer to the question "Does Voronezh Center educate new practitioners...?"

Question: Are there Buteyko practitioners in such and such country, town or region?
Answer: Recommending a practitioner means bearing responsibility for their qualification. Unfortunately, we have no information about qualification of the majority of those declaring itself as the Buteyko practitioners. If such a question appears in the forum, it roots in the desire of practitioners from other places to advertise them free of charge, or rather at the expense of Voronezh Center and this website. So we can only list the parameters qualifying a practitioner. See the answer to the question "How can I estimate qualification of a practitioner?"

Question: How can I estimate qualification of a practitioner?
Answer: These are just some attributes showing low qualification of a practitioner:
- He/she refuses to start your training at time of an exacerbation of your illness.
- He/she allows you to take advice from other traditional and/or non-traditional medicine experts in addition to his/her treatment.
- He/she measures the control pause until the "you want to breathe in".
- He/she suggests you "accumulate CO2" instead of correcting breathing.
- He/she thinks of the Buteyko Method as a system of exercises.
- He/she trains you seldom, e.g., once a week; or training is limited by less than a week's time for all patients.
- He/she agrees with standard (taken from manuals or accompanying forms) doses of symptomatic drugs.
- He/she recommends taking in hormonal preparations to those who have never taken them before or at least for six months.
- He/She does not aspire to withdraw you from medicinal therapy by cancelling some preparations and changing dosages of others almost daily.
- He/She does not warn you of the period of bad state of health a day before.

Question: The procedure of measuring the control pause in your article is different from the procedure in books "The Buteyko Method" and "The Buteyko Breathing". How can you explain that?
Answer: The only difference in description is explanation of the "first difficulty". The description of the procedure in the books was taken from the "Instruction for Doctors' Autotherapy" (1984). The skilled doctor knows perfectly well that the difficulty is straining of some muscles. Since strain occurs by itself, it is reflex. Thus, the descriptions of the procedures do not differ per se.

Question: Are there exclusive rights in and to the Buteyko Method (patents, etc.)?
Answer: The Buteyko Method is a system of principles and scientific conclusions that are impossible to protect by patents or other legal means. There are two patents pertaining to the Method. The first one is the "Method of Treatment of Hemohypocarbia", whose restrictive action has expired (the author and owner - K.P Buteyko). The other patent is still effective; it is the "Conscious Correction of Breathing" patent (author and owner is Margarita A. Buteyko from Cheliabinsk). This patent restricts just one of the methodical elements used for teaching patients.

Question: Where can I find books or articles to become a practitioner on my own?
Answer: The Buteyko Method has not been publicized to the extent that would allow completely independent self-training. But, it is being worked on. Information on that will be published on the "News" page of this website as is possible. However, remember that reading the respective published texts does not guarantee sufficient qualifications. For instance, you can freely buy manuals in mathematics, physics, medicine, and other subjects, yet the overwhelming majority of experts are trained in correspondent educational establishments.

Question: Does Voronezh Center educate new practitioners and on what conditions?
Answer: Voronezh Center does educate new practitioners. The underlying condition is to pass through selection at a stage of studying of the Method as the patient. After achieving the sufficient qualification, the students become legally and financially independent. (See the answer to "Does Voronezh Center has branches...") The remaining conditions are to be discussed with successful candidates or in private correspondence.

Question: Why do pages of this website have inscriptions on top of them saying V.K. Buteyko and M.M. Buteyko cannot be held responsible for information on the Method and its author from other sources?
Answer: This is a enforced measure. Because some pseudo-relatives, pseudo-followers and pseudo-friends of K.P.Buteyko began to distribute the incorrect and inexact information both on the Buteyko method, and on the its author in the mercenary motives, having taken advantage of his death. They cover own incompetence by legends about special affinity for K.P.Buteyko and about unreasonable "rights" to distribution and teaching of the Method, and also attribute to itself another's merits in development and promotion of the Buteyko method.

Question: How unique is the surname of Buteyko? Who is Konstantin Buteyko's relative and who is not?
Answer: The surname of Konstantin Pavlovich may be translated to English by three equivalent ways, as Buteyko=Buteiko=Butejko. It is not unique. For instance, one of the Ukrainian diplomats is Anton Butyeko, whose relation to Konstantin Buteyko is unknown. The closest relatives are:
- Maria Philippovna Buteyko, Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko's mother; buried in the village of Pervy Liman, Panino District, Voronezh Oblast.
- Pavel Grigorievich Buteyko, Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko's father; buried in Bykovo, not far from Moscow.
- Alexandra Ivanovna Buteyko, Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko's first wife; buried in Semenovka, Panino District, Voronezh Oblast.
- Susanna Nikolaevna Zviagina, Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko's second wife. She was still alive and she was his official wife till the moment of his death. She has never participated in affairs of the Buteyko Method.
- Vladimir Konstantinovich Buteyko, Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko's eldest son to the first marriage. He now lives in Voronezh and continues what his father began. His wife, Marina Mikhailovna Buteyko is the head physician-methodologist of the Buteyko Center in Voronezh. Vladimir and Marina have two children.
- Susanna Konstantinovna Maltseva, Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko's middle daughter to the second marriage. She now lives in Moscow and has not participated in affairs of the Method. She has the son.
- Grigory Konstantinovich Buteyko, Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko's youngest son. His mum - Svetlana Andreevna Tolstova. They now live in Novosibirsk and have not participated in affairs of the Method.
Konstantin Pavlovich did not have other relatives with the surname of Buteyko. Others having surname Buteyko are namesakes.
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