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What patients say

Clinical cases of some patients

Maria Vasilievna P., 70 years old
My diagnosis was hypoxia. I was terrible to look at; I was all black, with deep blue lips and hands. Ambulance would drive to my place endlessly. There was a shop within like fifty yard-s walk, and I couldn-t go there on my own. Now, look at me, can you say I-m ill? Of course not. Now I-m the master of my breath and health.

Lidiya Mikhaylovna V., civic employee
I had it all, high blood pressure, bronchitis, asthma attacks. Inhalations were made on the hourly basis. I didn-t hope for anything or anyone. Now, I was born anew thanks to Vilma Avgustovna (Vilma Avgustovna Genina, a doctor who uses the method).

S., 3.5 years old
Diagnosis: bronchial asthma, hay fever, Milton-s disease, food and drug allergy, home sensitization, II degree adenoids, intestinal girardiasis (benign migratory glossitis). Ill since he was 1.5. Before starting the Buteyko Method, he had been taken to hospital 6 times in 6 months. Attacks of allergy came every spring, as well as Milton-s disease, skin itch, and the bronchial asthma reaction to birch leaf breaking and bird cherry blooming. The child could not attend nursery school. Drugs taken: 0.2 g of aminophylline 2 times a day, 1 teaspoonful of broncholitine 3 times a day, 3-4 drops of solutanum once a day. Asthma was eliminated by drops of up to 0.3 ml of aminophylline intravenously. Taken for the Buteyko Method therapy from hospital. The initial breathing depth (the inhaled air volume) was 20 times above normal, the pulse was 140 beats per minute, and the breathing frequency was 48 per minute. Clear clinical improvements were observed when the breathing depth became 6 times above normal, the tongue pattern disappeared and the skin cleared. One month after the therapy started, the values were as follows: the breathing depth was 4 times above normal, the pulse was 86-80 beats per minute, and the breathing frequency was 26-24 per minute. The general condition of the child improved drastically.

Tamara Naumovna K.
I suffered from asthma for 18 years. The list of drugs I used to take would fill a whole page. I felt so bad that it-s beyond any descriptive powers; I couldn-t come down the first floor without a helping hand. Now I am here and being treated successfully. And I hilled potatoes on Sunday.

Olya B-s mother.
My daughter had chronic pneumonia, an inborn bronchi defect. You just name the drugs she didn-t take in! She had herbal treatment as well. She-d spent literally all time in hospital and felt worse and worse. They told me to forget her, she couldn-t be saved. And now the child was born again. Many thanks to Buteyko and Vilma Avgustovna.

Lena H., 4 years old
The past: repetitive kinks. A severe attack went on for two days. Healed by the Buteyko Method.

Alyosha G., 11 years old
Continuously in hospital. Exclusive hormone drug therapy. Now healthy.

Sasha P., 15 years old
Numerous surgeries, removal of polyps. Now breathes freely.

D., 2 years 4 months old.
Diagnosis: bronchial asthma, allergy to drugs. Since he was 8 months, the boy was ill with frequent prolepses occurring on the monthly basis during the recent 18 months. Kinks arrived several times a day, the skin itched. Drugs: 10 drops of solutanum 3 times a day, 1-2 pills of papaverine 3 times a day, drops of aminophylline and reopolyglukine intravenously. The child was taken for the Buteyko Method therapy from hospital. Initial values: each inhale volume was 10 times above normal, the pulse was 120 beats per minute, and the breathing frequency was 50 per minute. On the 4th day of therapy the inhale volume was only 4 times above normal, and the child could do without drugs. During one therapy month, there were no kinks, the condition improved dramatically, the child became calmer. Breathing was even, out-breaths were followed by a short pause. No wheeze or cough. Skin itch and rash were totally gone, though each inhale volume was still 3 times above normal, the pulse was 80 beats per minute, and the breathing frequency was 22 per minute. The child is still going through the VDBE method therapy.

., 27 years old.
Diagnosis: chronic asthmatic obstructive bronchitis, chronic adnexitis, thyrotoxicosis. Complaints for quotidian morning attacks of cough resulting in kinks; difficult breathing while walking fast. Drugs: 0.5 mg of aminophylline, 1 pill of teophedrine 3 times a day, 7-8 drops of solutanum a day. The initial breathing depth was 20 times above normal. Drugs were able to discontinue from the very first day of the Buteyko Method therapy. By the end of month's therapy, the breathing depth was 6 times above normal, the pulse was 74 beats per minute, no kinks or cough.

Lidiya Alexandrovna Fessenko
To Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev,
General Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee
From Lidiya Alexandrovna Fessenko

"I, Lidiya Alexandrovna Fessenko, suffered from bronchial asthma since 1976. It began with asthmatoid bronchitis that developed into bronchial asthma in a month-s time. I turned to the allergologist and pulmanologist in our regional hospital, went to Alma-Ata for acupuncture and was in the heliotherapy hospital there. During five years, two or more months were spent in Yalta, where I was cured in a commercial clinic. For three years I was also expecting an invitation to the saline caves in Nakhichevan, but was never able to get there. The invitation that arrived was for January 1985. I felt very bad, flew to Moscow, and the ambulance took me to hospital there. In the hospital I fainted of no-spa, and aminophylline stopped breathing. In a Moscow hospital, in January 1985, they diagnosed intrinsic asthma, pulmonary emphysema, pulmonary fibrosis, heart weakness. During therapy, I was allergic to drugs that they normally gave me to jugulate kinks. I lost hope. I was very ill during the long 9 years. I couldn-t walk; the smallest physical loads caused kinks that happened very often, 6 -7 times a day and more. In the winter months (December through February) I didn-t leave the apartment; I couldn-t live one day without drugs or inhalator. In December 1984 the "Sobesednik" published an article about K. P. Buteyko-s method that cured asthma. I started the independent Buteyko Method therapy in May 1985, and the very last 6-hour kink was on May 22, 1985. By the fall, I could interrupt kinks by holding breath. In January 1986, I went back to work. I feel really furious that though K. P. Buteyko-s method has long been known, I couldn-t read about it before. Why did our doctors not know the method or recommend the Buteyko Method breathing to me when I fell ill first?! I was retired for seven years, I had a 120 rouble pension, and due to that the Government lost 10,000 roubles. And I could have worked and been useful for the country, I was only 35 when I fell ill. I-ve been back at work for almost a year, the kinks are no more, and I feel terrific. The Buteyko Method doesn-t want hospitals or drugs, just wish and willpower that help fight the disease. Therefore, dear Mikhail Sergeyevich, please pay attention to the outrageous neglect of the discovery of global importance that brings people back to life and can save hundreds of millions of roubles for the country.


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