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Vladimir Konstantinovich Buteyko and Marina Mihaylovna Buteyko will not be liable for validity of information in other Internet sites, concerning K. P. Buteyko and his method, as well as for quality of the education Method Buteyko and specialists preparation in other centers.

Quotidian repetitive bronchial asthma kinks are possible to eliminate in 1-3 days. Concomitantly, drug dosage reduces, and new drugs become unnecessary.

Buteyko discovery has made in 1952, which has allowed to develop the Method.
Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko is the author of a great number of works and innovations in various fields of medical science and technology. Tha author of a Method K.P. Buteyko The basic theoretical concept of the Buteyko method is that the main reason of many illnesses is the breath's infringement causing chronic hyperventilation. K.P.Buteyko has named this infringement of breath as ILLNESS of DEEP BREATH. Wrong breath leads to development of hyperventilation as a result of which there is an infringement of a metabolism, decrease in immunity, occurrence of an allergy, etc. This results in development of compensatory (protective) mechanisms, the most characteristic of which is bronchial asthma (The USSR Academy of Science Institute of Experimental Biology and Medicine, 1962).
"As is well known, facts are stubborn things. Medical statistics for the developed countries in 1999 revealed two significant peculiarities: a) the bronchial asthma case rate looks increasingly epidemic, b) the more intensive bronchial asthma drug therapy is v the more difficult the case grows. High death rate, low efficiency of drug therapy and development of allergies force us to reconsider contemporary ideas of development mechanisms for a whole series of diseases whose patterns are primarily affected by hypertonus and spasm of the vascular and bronchial wall plain muscle, structural changes in vascular walls, edema and hypersecretion of the respiratory mucus tunic, and inflammatory processes of allergic nature resulting from the incorrect immunity reaction. As we know, such diseases are asthma, allergy, rhinitis, high blood pressure, stenocardia, etc. "
K. P. Buteyko-s speech at a medical training course Moscow,2000 (abstract)

The Buteyko Method can cut short bronchial asthma kinks without any drugs.


The special technique of correction of breath allows not only to stop attacks of illness, but stimulates gradual changes in all organism, leading opportunities of recover.

The method has proved to be highly clinically effective for curing the above diseases, as it takes 1-3 days to stop the quotidian repetitive bronchial asthma kinks. At that, almost no additional drugs are used. Later (and this is exceptionally important for the overall success) patients are trained to maintain simple control over the breathing depth change in any situation, which may finally prevent occurrence of attacks of illness, reduce drug dosage or get rid of them in the long run.

On the basis of approvals, the Ministry of Health Order N 591 of April 30, 1985 initiates use of the Buteyko Method in medicine

The two official approvals (1968: in the USSR Ministry of Health NSRI of Pulmonology, 1981: in the 1st Mosccow Medical Institute named after I. M. Sechenov), minutes of the USSR Ministry of Health Academic Council 18-12\38-24 of July 15,1982, minutes of the USSR Government Committee for Innovators and Discoveries 12\30-680\28 of July 27,1983, reports of experts, such as Academicians N. M. Amossov, M. F. Guly, S. Ye. Severin, and the long practical use of the Buteyko Method that has revealed the diseases to be cured by the above method, presented good bases for granting the Certificates of Authorship (patents) for the Method. In 1985 the USSR Minister of Health Order 591 of April, 30 1985 initiates use of the Buteyko Method in medicine.

Abstract from Patent N 1067640 (the Buteyko Method)
(most frequent)
Length of Therapy
Recovery Rate
Buteyko Method
Buteyko Method
High Blood Pressure More than 1 year 2-8 weeks None 96%
Stenocardia More than 1 year 2-8 weeks None 96%
Bronchial Asthma, Bronchitis, Allergy, Rhinitis More than 1 year 2-8 weeks None 98%

Statistic handling of the Buteyko Method therapy for various diseases and observation of off-standing results have revealed high efficiency of the Method (up to 96%).
Obviously, the Buteyko Method is not a panacea. Wrong use of the Method may end up harmfully, that is why we follow our patients for at least a year. The Buteyko Method is not a miraculous remedy; it is a hard job, but the job creative and interesting.

Here you can read what patients who were cured by the Method say.


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